Safety Patrol

Handbook 2023-2024

To be on Safety Patrol, a student must:

  • Be a responsible 4th or 5th grader.
  • Be at least 10 years old.
  • Have the necessary vision and hearing abilities.
  • Have a parent/guardian’s written permission.
  • Have a courteous and helpful attitude.
  • Be a good role model with a desire to serve their school.

Safety Patrol is an honor and a privilege.  It is (for most of you) your first true job, and your Safety Patrol Advisor views it as such.  It is a job of commitment and service to your school throughout the year.  You must display leadership qualities and be responsible.  Your duties will include monitoring and assisting students in their bus lines, assisting students and community members in the parent pick-up line, and being helpful and courteous to everyone.  Whether you are on-duty or off-duty, you should observe the school rules and set a good example for other students at Cottage Lake.  Our school needs you and counts on you!  Thank you!


If you are going to be absent it is your responsibility to arrange a substitute.  A list of patrollers is found in the Safety Patrol equipment area.  

General Duties

  • Report for duty on time.  Patrollers may be dismissed from their classrooms five minutes before the end of the school day in order to be in place before the bell rings.
  • Put on a Safety Patrol vest.  (Parent Pick-up may wear rain ponchos).
  • If your position requires a sign or other equipment, take equipment with you when you go.
  • If you are a bus rider, you may leave your position when your bus loads.
  • Return equipment neatly to the equipment area when your job is finished.
  • When your duty is over, you may be dismissed.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do keep a smile on your face!  Have a good attitude and have fun!
  • Do go to your post quickly.
  • Don’t visit with friends while on duty.
  • Don’t hang-out with friends by the equipment storage area – you block the walkway and interfere with people trying to get through.
  • Do be respectful of staff members in the equipment storage area; this is also the entrance to the staff room.

If you are working the bus lines

  • Wear a vest.
  • Actively patrol your bus line, keeping students in a straight, orderly, and quiet line.
  • Get to know your bus riders.  The younger students especially love it when you know their names!
  • Once the bus line starts toward the bus, smile and wish students a good day.

If you are a Patrol Captain

  • Wear a vest.
  • Be in charge of the schedule.  Make sure all positions are accounted for and are on time.
  • If a patrol member does not show up, you may be needed to fill-in for that patrol member (however, this should not happen).
  • At the end of the shift, make sure all vests, cones, bus signs, clipboards, and other equipment are put away neatly.


Your safety is of paramount importance!  You cannot help others if you are hurt or injured.  Please follow all school and patrol rules and expectations. 

 If an injury collision or other emergency occurs while you are on duty, you should:

  • Stay at your post.
  • A messenger should be sent to the office to report the location, nature, and seriousness of the event.
  • Keep students in your bus line or at parent pick-up at a safe distance from the event.
  • Pay attention to details such as who is present, what kinds of cars (if any) were involved, and license plate numbers.

If you see other students acting in an unsafe or disrespectful way, please kindly remind them of the expectation.  It is not your place to discipline students.  However, the Safety Patrol Advisor has your back.  If other students refuse to follow your directions, act disrespectfully, or unsafely, please let the Safety Patrol Advisor know immediately.  They are happy to handle these situations

If you ever see community members (adults or students not from our school) acting in an unsafe or disrespectful manner, or if you ever just feel unsafe while on patrol, please let the Safety Patrol Advisor know immediately.  Again, your safety comes first.  


Samara Maynard, Dean of Students
Safety Patrol Advisor

Safety Patrol applications will be available from the Safety Patrol Advisor in the fall, winter, and spring for new recruits.

Safety Patrol Contract

Expectations for Safety Patrol:

  • Patrol members must wear their vest while on duty at all times.
  • Arrive at post on time and complete task.
  • Behave in a respectful manner at all times and in all classes.  Rude behavior toward other students, patrollers, teachers, or staff will not be tolerated.
  • Appropriate behavior while on duty and any time when on school grounds or during school sponsored events.

Dismissal from Safety Patrol:

The following circumstances may lead to your dismissal from the Cottage Lake Safety Patrol (think Three-Strikes):

  • Multiple absences without getting a substitute patroller
  • Multiple times being late to patrol duty.
  • Misuse of patrol tools and/or gear.
  • Inappropriate behavior while on duty.
  • On-going inappropriate behavior in the cafeteria, at recess, or in class.
  • On-going socializing and/or ignoring patrol responsibilities while on duty.
  • Insubordinate or disrespectful behavior toward staff, parents, students, or community members.

If one of these situations arises, patrollers will be given a warning.  If the situation/behavior continues, you may be dismissed from Safety Patrol.  The Safety Patrol Advisor reserves the right to give additional warnings or skip warnings and move straight to dismissal depending upon circumstances.

The following will lead to your immediate dismissal from Safety Patrol:

  • Physical aggression.
  • Unsafe or reckless behavior that could (or does) lead to injury of yourself or others.
  • School suspension.

A student who had been dismissed from Safety Patrol is not eligible for any year-end parties or other benefits of Safety Patrol.

Thank you for reading through these materials!  It may seem like a lot, but you will have it all down in no time!  I am very excited to work with you!  Thank you for choosing to be a leader and Safety Patrol member at Cottage Lake.

Mrs. Maynard
Safety Patrol Advisor